Friday, December 29, 2006

ford knew.

Someone at Democrats.Com wrote they did not think GERALD FORD KNEW how CHENEY and RUMSFELD would turn out, as they both served in his administration several years before the full flowering of their careers.
Here is a reply, simply titled "FORD KNEW..."

Gerald Ford and his entourage visited the President of Indonesia 48 hours before the Indonesian Military Invaded EAST TIMOR. It was an unprovoked invasion.
President Suharto's government had been the recipient of millions in US Military aid, and would have been motivated to try NOT to jeopardise future aid.
He would certainly have wanted to share the plan with the US Leader.
In fact, according to declassified documents, now available at the National Security Archive, that's what he did.
Ford and Co. gave the GREEN LIGHT to a notoriously brutal right-wing head of state to invade one of his neighbors.
Within a few weeks, the President sent Suharto a gift, Golf Balls, by Diplomatic Pouch. wotta guy.
It should also be noted that the american CIA gave 50,000 names and other identifying information, of communists, dissidents, and troublemakers to the Indoesian Military.
Those people were hunted down and killed during and after the invasion. That invasion was known for a high level of violence, including many summary executions.
Henry Kissinger still Walks the Earth. He should be indicted for CHILE, as well as for East Timor. and, oh, yeah.. let's get rid of Cheney and Bush too.


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