Friday, May 22, 2009 celebrates 5th birthday with Someone Else & [a]pendics.shuffle (live)!

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Subject: celebrates 5th birthday with Someone Else & [a]pendics.shuffle (live)!
Date: Friday, May 22, 2009, 7:37 PM celebrates 5th birthday with Someone Else & [a]pendics.shuffle (live)! celebrates 5th birthday with Someone Else & [a]pendics.shuffle (live)!
Over the past 5 years evolved in the one and only online community for al mnml lovers, dj's and producers worldwide, time to party! And what better way we can do this by inviting the magnificent Someone Else and with the first Dutch performance of [a]pendics.shuffle
It has been a while since Someone Else played in Holland. He is well known around the glode as the founder of big labels like Foundsound and Tuning Spork. Next to that he has an impressive list of releases, played by the likes of all the major dj's. With his experimental minimal techno he's touring around the globe and after Washington, Toronto and Stuttgart he's finally back in Holland to show us who's in charge!
First Dutch appearance this night for the American [a]pendics.shuffle, A.K.A Kenneth James Gibson. He's doing a European tour and we were fortunate to book him. He playes a stunning liveset and his productions come out on labels like Mo's Ferry, Resopal and Floppy funk. Recently he started his own label on wich he releases "computer funk": funky, minimal, avant-garde techno.. Does this all make sense? Maybe not in your world, but in Ken's world it's just another day.
Bo Marsiglia is one of the forces behind the succesfull Doorgedraaid and Watt Ledje parties. These night have a high standard when it comes to quality music and a enthousiastis crowd. Together with Club Maxzi resident Heinos he will make sure you're not standing still.
Club Maxzi celebrates 5 years of mnml
Saturday 23rd of May LVC, Leiden
Time: 23:00 - 05:00
Damage: 8 EUR

Someone Else (USA)
Foundsound_Tuning Spork

[a]pendics.shuffle live (USA)
Mo's Ferry_We Are

Bo Marsiglia
Doorgedraaid_Watt Ledje

Club Maxzi_Lovin L'ectro

This is the first mailing in years!
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