Saturday, January 13, 2007

ALBERTO GONZALES will appear this coming thursday@senate judiciary commitee

I can't wait for this.
I was distressed earlier today when I read that this guy and Patrick Leahy are on speaking terms in real life, and even have lunch together.
Nonetheless, Alberto's appearance before the Judiciary Committee should at least be entertaining. (Or at least, it would be if the Gitmo situation and all the other events of the last year hadn't been so gruesome and tragic. In fact, I'll even admit to quite a bit of trepidation, or even guilt every time I snicker at something tragic in current or political/ world events).
I heard James Yee describing the scenario at Guantanamo, where the detainee is forced to prostrate himself, in a similiar fashion to the position Muslims pray in, on
a large crudely drawn Pentangle, while the interrogator screams at him that he is now worshiping Satan, and that he no longer prays to Allah. What exactly are we accomplishing with this crap anyway?


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