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FOX News Wants "Voter Fraud" Stories from Viewers

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Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008, 2:57 AM
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[This is too much. FOX News, a big supporter of the Republicans who
engaged in massive electoral fraud and voter suppression efforts, now
wants stories about people like illegal immigrants committing voter
fraud. As they give an e-mail address to send stories to
(mailto:voterfraud@foxnews. com ) I suggest that readers instead send
them stories about Republican electoral fraud. and voter suppression
efforts. I recommend including the stories in the body of the e-mail,
rather than just giving a link. Be sure to use a Hotmail or other
disposable e-mail address, as they will surely spam you.--DC]

http://tinyurl. com/3vcbo7
Fox wants 'voter fraud' stories from viewers
05/28/2008 @ 10:49 am
Filed by David Edwards and Muriel Kane

"Could illegal immigrants sway an election?' Eric Shawn of Fox News
asked on Wednesday, raising the terrifying specter of "people who are
not even citizens voting for whomever they want."

Since 2005, the Bush administration has been pushing the idea that
"voter fraud" is a widespread problem, even firing US Attorneys who did
not make the investigation of claims of fraud a priority. However,
investigations have never found more than a handful of votes being cast
illegally, while requiring proof of citizenship seems likely to
disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters, mostly the poor and
elderly who may not be able to secure required documentation.

Fox News has now set out to find the evidence of fraud that the Bush
Department of Justice could not, whipping up their audience with the
threat of non-citizens "getting a fake ID, a driver's license, or a
social security card and voting in this year's election."

"If you think there's voter fraud where you live, or there are other
election problems, we at Fox News want to know about it," Shawn told
viewers. "You can email us. ... mailto:voterfraud@foxnews. com ."

Shawn's proposed remedy is "legislation that would prevent illegals and
other ineligible voters from going into the voting booth," although he
acknowledged sadly that "even if states do act, it may be too late for
the upcoming presidential election."

Dan Clore

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

DREAM SYNDiCATE LiVE at AL's BAR may 18 1985

LIVE May 18 1985, at AL's BAR in Los Angeles.
see above.
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