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Cancer on Occupy?

Chris Hedges had written article against ye olde blacque bloc,
and David Graeber wrote this in response.

see here.
Snce I am not in Portland at this time,
I first saw this at the graycoast blog.
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greece feb 12-13 2012

Hospital workers in Kilkis, Greece, have held their local hospital and released a
statement saying he was now fully under workers' control.--The General Hospital of Kilkis
in Greece (Central Macedonia) is now under control of the people who work there..


"The government is yet fulfilled its financial responsibilities and, if their demands are
not met, they will turn to the local community to have the broadest possible support to
ensure the public health care free care and overthrow the government and all the
neo-liberal policies. "As of February 6, hospital staff will handle only emergency care as
their salaries and the amounts owed to them will not be paid. They also call for a return
to the levels of wages they received before the implementation of austerity measures.

The next general meeting will be held on February 13, and a press conference on 15.

The following statement was issued by the workers:

1. We note that the current problems and sustainable ESY (the national health system) and
related organizations can not be solved by isolated or specific requests and on our
interests, because these problems are the result of a policy more general anti-popular
government and global neoliberalism.

2. We also note, that by making specific claims we actually play a brutal government. This
power, to face his enemy - which is made by the people weakened and divided, does
everything to prevent the creation of a united front and popular nationally and globally
with common interests and demands against the social impoverishment created by the
political authorities.

3. For this reason, we place our interests within the general framework of political and
economic demands that are posed by a very large part of the Greek people is now under
attack from the most brutal capitalism. These claims must petre defended to the end in
order to achieve, in cooperation between the middle and lower classes of our society.

4. The only way to do this is to question, in action, not only political legitimacy but
also the legality of arbitrary power, authoritarian and anti-popular that making great
strides towards totalitarianism.

4. Workers at the General Hospital of Kilkis respond to totalitarianism with democracy. We
occupy the public hospital and put under our direct control and total. The Hospital of
Kilkis is now self-governed and the only legitimate decision-making will be the General
Assembly of its workers.

5. The government is not relieved of its obligations Economic staffing and supplies. If he
continues to ignore these obligations, we will be obliged to inform the public of this
situation and ask the local government but also civil society to support us by all means:

(A) the survival of our hospital

(B) supporting the right to health care and free public

(C) the overthrow by a popular common struggle, the current government and other
neoliberal policies, wherever it comes from

(D) a substantial and deep democratization, ie democratization which will allow the real
society and not to others to make decisions about its future.

6. The Union Hospital of Kilkis begin, from February 6, a strike by failing to ensure that
emergency care until full payment for hours worked and the increase in our wages to the
level it was before the arrival of the troika (EU-ECB-IMF). Meanwhile, knowing full well
what is our social mission and our moral obligations, we will protect the health of people
who come to the hospital by providing free health care to those who need it, calling the
government to take responsibility, hoping that it will waive the last minute to his
immoderate social cruelty.

7. We decide that a new general meeting will be held, Monday, Feb. 13 in the lobby of the
new hospital building at 11 am, to decide which procedures are necessary to effectively
implement the occupation of the administrative services and perform successful
self-governance of the hospital, starting from that day. General meetings will be held
every day and will be the primary tool for decision making with regard to employees and
the operation of the hospital.

We call for the solidarity of the people and workers from all sectors, with the
cooperation of all workers' unions and progressive organizations, and the support of all
media who chose to tell the truth. We are determined to continue until the traitors who
sell our country and our people to leave. It's them or us!

The above decisions will be made public through a press conference in which all media are
invited Wednesday, 15.02.2012 at 12:30. Our daily meetings starting February 13. We will
inform citizens about every important event taking place in our hospital through press
releases and conferences. In addition, we will use all available means to publicize these
events to make this successful mobilization.

We call

? a) Our citizens show solidarity with our movement,

? b) Any citizen wronged our country to act by the actions of protest and opposition
against their oppressors,

? c) Our colleagues from other hospitals to take similar decisions,

? d) employees in other areas of public and private sector participants and to trade
unions and progressives to do the same, to help our mobilization to take the form of a
universal working and popular resistance and uprising , until the final victory against
the economic and political elite that now oppress our country and the world.
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