Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm not sure if you ever shop at Rite Aid, but I couldn't believe what they've been up to and I thought you should know about it...

Despite their rosy commercials full of smiling customers and happy employees, Rite Aid is making a habit of mistreating its workers. Rite Aid employees in California decided they wanted to form a union to address safety concerns, like sweltering heat in their warehouse. But Rite Aid wouldn't have it. Workers say they were intimidated and harassed, and some were even fired for their support of the union!

After a long battle, Rite Aid workers finally formed a union - but now Rite Aid has stalled contract negotiations for over a year.

I'm outraged by this behavior, so I just wrote Rite Aid's CEO telling her to stop stalling and finish negotiating with her workers.

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